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In the left column you can see the wide range of products available. Within each block you can see pictures of all of them and their characteristics. For any questions you have, please contact our sales department.


f1 f11 f2

Wired Hemp Rope

Refined Thread

Sisal Yarn


f22 f3 f33

Wired Cordage Sisal

Braided Nylon Rope

Wired Nylon Cords Mate


f4 f44 f5

Raffia threads

Cut Raffia 

Wired Cordage Polypropylene


f55 f555 f6

Polypropylene Twisted Threads

Braided Rope Polypropylene 

Plastic Nets


f71 f77 f13

Plastic Rope

Covered or Coated Strings

Esparto roll plasterer








Cords Polyester Color

Exhibitor Rope

Wired Polyester Rope


f12 f10 f11

Cotton thread

Network Security Polyamide EN-1263-1 Aenor


Elastic Rubber